Discover the roulette game and his rules

The game of roulette was born in France in the 19th century. It has since then underwent several changes as the invention of the zero space . Roulette games have had their ups and downs and now seem to return to the front of the poster because the player now has a good chance of making money .
Roulette is undoubtedly the most fascinating board game and one that provides the greatest thrills in casinos around the world but also in online casinos.
Roulette is a very easy to learn game that nevertheless contain a range of subtle complexities .

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The rules

In the game of roulette, the donor is often called the dealer and he is responsible for turning the wheel , paying winners and losers pick paris . The wheel used in the game of roulette consists of 37 digits 0 to 36. There is also another type of wheel used in the game of roulette in which there is a double zero (00) , the fact that there are a total of 38 numbers on the wheel .
the rules of rouletteThe game of roulette has two special rules. These rules can not apply as they may apply: it depends on the casino. The first rule of the game of roulette is the rule , in prison. With this rule , if the ball lands on the number 0 in the first round , you have the choice to give half of your bet to the dealer or to let your bet for the next game.

The other rule in the game of roulette is the rule - the - sharing . With this rule , if the ball lands on the number 0, you have to give half of your bet to the dealer , without the option of leaving your bet for the next game , as you would have with the rule - prison - .

There are many benefits that you can get by playing casino games online . A perfect example is the game of roulette free roulette game access.The actually allows you to play roulette for free, until you improve your technique to the point where you are ready to start betting with stakes actual .

The game of roulette is probably the only casino game where many strategies and many systems are invented. Obviously, there is no perfect strategy for the game of roulette, but there is always that when you use a strategy in a game of roulette , you limit your losses , control your winnings and you more chances to win games .

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